How to apply nail polish in 8 easy steps

4 300x216 How to apply nail polish in 8 easy steps Remove old nail polish:

You should start by eliminating all traces of old polish. Put some nail polish remover on a cotton ball and press against the nail for a second and then rub the existing enamel. If the nails have not been polished before, of course, you do not have to follow this step.
Wash your hands:

The nails have to be ready before applying nail polish. This is to ensure that your nails are properly prepared to be polished, enamel remains fixed over a long period of time and also the nails do not break, chip or become overtly fragile. After all traces of nail polish have been removed, wash your hands. Soak hands in a bowl / container with soap and warm water for 5-10 minutes. This will soften the nails and cuticles. Also clean the residue polish remover and remove dead skin. Once you have finished soaking, gently wipe the water with a towel and rub the lotion and nails filled.
Remove cuticles:

Then you must take care of cuticles. You will find a cuticle remover and stick in the manicure set. Soften cuticles with cuticle remover and gently push back the cuticle.
Way to cut and polish the nails:

Once you’re done with your cuticles, it is necessary to cut, shape and polish nails. To begin, cut your nails with the help of a nail cutter, you’ll find in the game manicure. Then you have to start to shape nails. This should be done with the help of emery board or nail file – whatever you find easier to work with. Before starting work on the shaping of nails, you have to decide how you want the whole year, he said, square, oval or squoval and therefore can work on it. The file / directory should be treated with care in one direction, from side to side to achieve the desired style. After shaping the nails into the shape you want, you have to polish the nails properly. Is the buffer, also in the manicure set. The work of the buffer gently on the surface of the nails. This eliminates uneven surfaces, patchy and crests. Polishing makes the nails smooth. Once you’ve finished shaping the nails, which are ready to be polished.
Apply a base coat:

Base layer is also known as nail polish, as it helps to get a shiny and bright will make the nails. You should apply a thin layer. It will also ensure that the nail passes through evenly and smoothly.
Prepare the bottle of nail polish:

Roll the nail polish bottle gently between the palms of the hands to the glaze mix thoroughly. However, shaking the bottle, it will create air bubbles and the enamel becomes thicker. As a result, you will not be able to get the desired result of a polished smooth and the life of the nail polish is also reduced.
Apply nail polish:

Place your hands on a table, if unstable, otherwise it will shake and ruin without application. Furthermore, we see that starts from the smallest finger and thumb in progress rather than the reverse. Open the bottle of nail polish and wipe off excess nail polish dripping down the brush – on the side of the bottle. Apply a strip of color in the center of the nail from base to tip. Follow it up by putting the glaze on the left and right side of the central strip.

Starting from the center ensures that the excess color, it will pool around the corners.Put nail polish on all fingers this way. Once you have completed the first layer has dried up considerably, you can start on the second layer, the same way as the first, and limit both hands. Make sure the entire area of ‚Äč‚Äčeach nail is covered by the second layer of enamel. Applying more will cause the thick layers of polish and make it prone to air bubbles, because the nail polish does not dry quickly or to achieve a smooth polished. Too many layers also lead to greater and faster chipping of enamel. Wipe any excess nail polish in the corner with a Q-tip.
Apply a top coat for nail polish:

Finish the procedure to apply the clear top coat. This will cause the nail polish shiny appearance. It will also prevent the cracks the enamel and help it last longer.

Wait a few minutes for your nails to dry. If you are in a hurry then you can dip your fingers in a bowl of ice water. It dries faster nail polish. However, it is best to wait and let it air dry for best effect.

Once the nails have dried up, it will look like a professional job. So go ahead, flaunt your nails and give advice to their friends about how to apply nail polish like a pro – but I remember I learned to do as a professional on us!

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