Helping your child with acne

 Helping your child with acneAcne is a skin problem that affects almost all teenagers. This situation results from the action of hormones on sebaceous glands of the skin (sebaceous glands). The sebaceous glands produce an oily substance called sebum which empties onto the skin surface through the opening of the follicle (pore). The mixture of oil and cells allows bacteria that normally live on the skin to grow in the openings of the follicle. When this happens the pores get clogged and pimples develop.

Pimples can be one of the following types:

* Comedones: noninflammatory papules which may be open (blackheads) or closed (whiteheads).
* Papules: lesions that are inflamed and may be tender. These usually appear as small pink bumps on the skin.
* Pustules: The lesions become inflamed and fill with pus. They can be red at the base.
* Nodules: solid lesions that are large and painful, and lodged deep within the skin.
Cysts: pus-filled lesions deep under the skin. This can cause scarring and pain.

In most cases, there are pimples on the face, neck, back, chest and shoulders. Acne does not pose a serious health risk, but severe acne can leave permanent scars. In addition, acne can have significant physical and psychological consequences, such as causing a poor self-image, social inhibition and anxiety inflatable castle.
Why do some people get acne and others not?

It is unclear why some people are more prone to acne than others. The exact cause of acne is unknown, but one important factor is the increase in male sex hormones called androgens. Androgens increase in children during puberty. Androgens cause the sebaceous glands (sebaceous glands) that are larger and produce more sebum. Androgens may also increase due to hormonal changes related to pregnancy or starting or stopping birth control pills.

Another factor in the cause of acne is genetics. Researchers believe that the tendency to develop acne can be inherited from your parents. In addition, some drugs (eg, epilepsy medications, prednisone, androgens and lithium) are known to cause acne. Cosmetics with a greasy consistency can change the cells of the follicles, causing them to stick together and resulting in a clogged pore. Water-based products are less likely to cause acne.

Things that can make acne worse include:

* Friction caused by leaning on or rubbing the skin, harsh scrubbing
Harvest or squeezing the spots
* Pressure from bike helmets, backpacks or tight collars
* Changing hormone levels in adolescent girls and adult women two to seven days before the start of menstrual period
* Stress

Other factors thought to worsen the acne does not seem to have an effect on the development of acne. These include chocolate, fatty foods, and dirty skin.
What they look like acne?

Acne can appear as one of the following:

* White spots: White spots are the pores affected by the oil and the skin covered by layers of the skin.
* Black dots: Black blows that affected the pores in the material that comes through the follicles. The color black is not dirt. That may be from bacteria and stuff that react with oxygen.
* The papules, pustules and nodules: The most serious injury appears red and swollen due to inflammation or infection of the tissues around the clogged follicles, which are often painful and feels hard.
Cysts: Deep, painful, pus-filled lesions that can cause scarring.

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