Foundation for mature skin Beautiful middle-aged woman

0010 Foundation for mature skin Beautiful middle aged womanWhen you hear the term “mature skin” You know what I mean? This means that the skin is less elastic, less hydrated, more and more. Supports points, lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet. This is a normal and lived as a result of life. Mature skin is physiologically different from younger skin, and should be treated differently.

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What happens to our skin as we age? * The epidermis, the outer layer of skin, fat loss, making the skin drier and thinner. The skin does not recover so quickly from injuries and blemishes. The skin becomes more transparent and more susceptible to injury. * The dermis, the inner layer of skin collagen and elastic losses. The support becomes thinner subcutaneous fat, thus causing the skin to sag. Pores, follicles and sebaceous glands become prominent and the skin is more sensitive to sunlight. * Photoaging – changes in skin color occur. Sun freckles, spots appear suddenly. * The skin becomes dry. * Gravity, facial movement, exposure to sun, weather, smoke – all affect the aging of the skin. Gravity causes the fall of the eyebrows, eyelids, feeling of fullness below the chin and longer ears. What is the best treatment to keep skin in good condition? Eating habits, smoking, sun exposure and genetics are influencing the way our skin. For mature skin, all the experts say the same: Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Get enough sleep and avoid spending time in the sun without sunscreen. Makeup for mature skin Makeup for mature skin has two purposes: add color to the skin discolored and covered with small blemishes and wrinkles. It is important to understand the makeup of mature women is not in order to look younger. This is to accentuate the beauty of the mature look. The result should be a feminine look, radiant and complement the body. Women with mature skin are no less attractive than younger women – but differently, of course. Every few years, a woman must re-evaluate the texture of your makeup and color and adjust to your skin changes. What looked good in 40 years may not look as good at 50, with the texture of the skin continues to change. The foundation for mature skin should therefore be less heavy. Mature skin tends to wrinkle easier with the movement of lines and heavy makeup can make the lines appear more visible. The base should be rich in moisture and not dry. So the powders are not recommended. All makeup should be applied after moisturizer had time to be absorbed. Contrary to our natural inclination to cover what we can, the foundation should not be very educated. When the layer is thicker than not well absorbed into the skin and creates a “cake” look and feel. When it comes to makeup for mature skin, less is more. What kind of foundation to use? There are some steps to take before reaching the base: Primer The first one is any good makeup artist’s secret weapon. It is a foundation that is clear and free of oil. That improves the outcome by joining the membership better and soften rough skin. Almost all companies have a primer. Is applied after the cream has been absorbed and before applying any other product. First help neutralize the oils, but also reduces the pores and makes the skin a little easier to apply makeup. A primer on the eye will ensure that the eye shadow will stay smooth for long hours and the first white lips fine lines around the mouth and softens dry, chapped lips. Prices for a wide first face $ 11 for First Temptu Jan Marini for $ 75. Filling The filling comes in a tube or a pencil. It aids in the filling of deep wrinkles for a few hours. The binder is applied in lines or below the eyes to reduce swelling and brightness of the area. Proofreader Used to hide the pigmentation and discoloration that can not be covered by makeup alone. A green concealer will take over the red spots and broken blood vessels, a spell orange against dark spots, and concealer to neutralize purple yellow spots. It should be a shade lighter than your makeup. The application of concealer on the inside and outside corners of the eyes, for example, will make the eyes look fresh and awake. Foundation The foundation must match the color of the jaw. Mature skin needs all the moisture it can get, so try to stay away from dust. Use the products above to make a little personal touch, then apply foundation lightly. For older women make use of liquid skin reflects light like Elizabeth Arden Intervene ($ 19 – 36), Clinique make-up even better ($ 15), Almay Anti-Aging Makeup ($ 10), Laura Mercier Silk Cream base ($ 40), which add radiance to the skin. Tip: If you’re used to the dust and feel naked without it, use a translucent powder and apply it to the T – the forehead and nose. If applied to the overall pace, which will make you look dull. What to avoid when it comes to mature skin? Matte makeup formulas: the skin look dull and dry. Foundation too: apply lightly, so it will not be too much makeup. If you have to stay long hours outside the house, that apply to the light and take the bottle with you for touch ups after lunch. Evil Shadow: Make sure the shade of the foundation matches your skin tone in daylight and under the electric light in the store. Review its decision to shadow every few years. Misapplication: When applying foundation with a sponge and be sure to blend the edges of the neck below the ears. Changes in texture, type and capacity of recovery as well as changes in the shape of our eyes and mouth need an update of its technical makeup. There are plenty of good products for older women who can help you find your own beauty. Apply knowledge and be a winner.

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